Maiken Arleen has been working with horses all her life. These days she is focusing on breeding Shagya Arabians and sharing her knowledge with other enthuiast through this database.

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Shagya stallion Bahadur
ZSAA - German Shagya club ZSAA (German
Shagya Stallion Geydan and Nasim Ibn Omar
DSAH - Shagya, Araberrace og Angloaraberafdelingen
Shagya Stutteri Veldenstein, Germany
Shagya stallion Geydan og Nasim Ibn Omar

ISG - Internationale Shagya Gesellschaft
Ifeed foder automater
Shagya hingsten Sethziwoj Takhises
Amlet Arabians
Shagya stallion Occident
Anglo stud

Welcome to Maiken Arleenís Horse Database

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This is a free database about arabian horses, but other horses may also be represented.
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20 April 2011

regret that we do not have to use as it has been down for a while, since server at our web hotel went down. They had trouble getting it up and running again. But the good thing is its workin again now Sincerely Maiken Arleen

I hope it has skramt too much away. I'll try if we can avoid it happening again. Maiken

12 August 2008>/h2> >p>The error is corrected, so we can again create new horses in the database. However, there have been some problems logging in for new users, but we are working on it and hope it will be in order as soon as possible .. If any questions, you can swend me an email to, and I will respond as soon as possible. Sincerely Maiken Arleen

11 August 2008>/h2>

The database is During the reconstruction, and there is currently no opportunity to create more horses into the tingende has been made .. we apologise many times.

2 December 2007

The Shagya Arabian Stallion Sethziwoj Takhises from Stud Takhises has a new website

24 August 2007

2007 3 Shagya Stallions was approved for breeding, Dartan owned by Family Gammelgaard, Sethziwoj Takhises owned by Maiken Arleen ( Perseus owned by Juliette Du Plessis De Richelieu, and one pureblood arabian named Saam-A-Li ox owned by Jens Spangbo, look in for more information!

21 april 2006

March 21 2004

We have added a forum, feel free to use it for articles, guestbook, questions, sales ads and so on. We now have more than 4000 registered horses.

Marts 19 2004

We found a good and stable web hotel, and the whole site has been transfered. Minor bugs have been fixed. We have about 3800 horses registered.

January 27 2004

The domain name has been aquired. Lots of errors corrected. Flash, picture and statistics added to front page.

January 12 2004

The database is ready for beta testing. Most functions have been implemented and we have over 1500 horses entered into the database. The site is available in 3 languages and the graphic layout has improved a lot by getting brighter and friendlier colors. We still havenít found a proper domain name, as we havenít found a proper web hotel yet.

Mid december 2004

The site is about 90% done and more than 1000 horses have been entered. A new graphic layout has been designed, and it looks much more presentable than the first.

Mid november 2004

The site is ready to be fed with information, but still has some errors. The first graphic design is ready, but it is still rudimentary.

Mid october 2004

The design of the site has started. This is primarily programming of core rutines.